Adventstjerner fra Earth Friendly

HURRA! Mange har ventet på de - adventstjernene fra Indiske Earth Friendly. 


Dette er visjonen til Earth Friendly:

Around 85 full time employees work at our sites in Goa and Mumbai. Wherever they come from, India, Germany and other parts of the world - and whatever they do - product developer, team leader, or craftsmen - they all share a common value and contribute to the "earth friendly way of life". It is a way of life that determines both how he/she approach the work we do and the decisions we make and how we behave towords each other.

We are always open to new challenges. We enjoy exploring and testing new opportuities for cooperation with other companies if - like us - they belive in and enforce good working condiotions, fear play and a responsible approach to the enviroment.

Vi har solgt adventstjernene Starligtz i flere år - men nå er det ei stund siden sist. Vi er derfor veldig glade for å ha de tilbake i utvalget. Kom å se utvalget i vår julebutikk fra midten av november!